Here’s what you need to do differently — 8 powerful steps for growth and personal mastery

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Firstly, lets begin with this popular leadership quote, which says;

“Anyone can fall off a ladder by accident, but nobody climbs a ladder by accident”

(Pause): what’s on your mind?

A few years ago, an orange tree was planted 'by error' in my family compound

It’s considered an error because, it was nobody’s intention to plant an orange tree, and no one really observed this tree growing at a corner, until it had come up to a height of about fifty centimetres (50 cm)

Prior to this time, we had just began some construction works on a new building project in my family compound, and as a result, the compound had a portion of land cut out for the piling of debris.

Amazingly, this particular space reserved for debris, eventually became the homestead of this orange tree!

We suspect this tree was planted, when someone - a family member or one of the construction workers - tried to dispose off leftover portions from a juicy and succulent orange meal (the seeds and peels, I mean). I doubt if we will ever ascertain -}-

Although, the origin of this orange tree, remains a mystery till today, I draw inspiration looking at this orange tree everyday, because it has taught me some important life lessons about growth, resilience and impact.

I will be sharing in this piece, some of the principles I have learned and applied (and still apply) in almost all phases of my life.

By personal experience, I can confirm that they actually work and will work for you, if applied appropriately.


Growth from time immemorial is an intentional activity. It never comes by wishing, and it embraces anyone who is willing to pay it's price!

Indeed, anyone can FALL OFF a ladder by accident, but NOBODY EVER CLIMBS a ladder by accident!

We all have been through trying moments in our lives. Gracefully, we continue to overcome them.

I know unapologetically, that anyone who perseveres, will thrive, despite harsh conditions.

Just like the orange in my family compound, when nobody thinks you have a chance to succeed, I believe that’s the time, all the odds are best in your favour!

I have seen this proven countless times, but it never came without a fight!

“Yes, the fight to become a better version of self; the fight to put one’s best foot forward at all times (by going the extra mile); and the fight to prove one’s capacity in the midst of fears, and criticisms”

When you understand that no one is coming to save you, because you have total control over your life; and that, only you can take the right steps, that will change the course of your life for good; … you will immediately, become intentional about growing on all sides.

I’ll explain in details under the following headings;

1. Vision Trigger

Vision is simply an accurate mental picture of who you want to be, what you want to do and where you want to be, in the nearest future.

It is what keeps you awake!

And, to achieve your vision, you have to do what you necessarily haven’t done before.

Vision is what makes you restless, what makes you bold, and it is the energy that makes you withstand life's toughest challenges.

At the thought of it, you feel most alive, fulfilled and optimistic about the days ahead.

Without vision, life feels worthless and nothing makes sense!

Vision is the first step in the ‘Growth Equation’, and its largely tied to one’s purpose.

To ascertain this, you’ll need to ask and answer these questions;

“What am I seeing in my mind’s eye? — What do I want to do / achieve in my family, community and world at large? — Why do I exist? — Who do I hope to become someday? — What keeps me awake all night? — What makes me excited about the days ahead? — How can I make the world a better place? — How can I make my little corner, much better than it is?”

You can discover your vision through the books you read, places you love to go, people who inspire you, what your friends say about you, etc

“Look within, its right there with you”

Until you know your desired destination, you can't know what to do to get there.

Ask, Ask, Ask!

Seek divine counsel.

Vision comes first before anything else in the growth process!

Think global, act global…

2. Preparation Trigger

Truly, you can never be over prepared for an opportunity. In fact, it is better you over prepare than to be under prepared!

Growth in this sense, involves all the little actions taken today, with the intention of achieving something desired, tomorrow.

“The best entrepreneurs, artistes, public speakers, writers, business owners, politicians, etc understand that their actions today, is what determines who they become, tomorrow”

Have you wondered what will happen to a farmer who goes to the farm without his farming implements?

Frustration and underperformance, will be the exact fate of someone who never prepares for tomorrow’s opportunities.

It is said that you are a product of what you read, the places you go, the food you consume, the people you associate with and the discipline you exert in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

“Will you take the necessary steps that improve your odds of success or will you rather sleep through life?”

The choice is yours.

Change your focus, burn the midnight candle, commit your finances to life improvement processes, attend the trainings, summits and conferences organized within the scope of your industry and beyond, put in the actual work in daily exercise to reach your weight loss goals.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

“What’s stopping you? Who are you waiting for? What are your limitations?”

Opportunities are like flowers, they blossom for a time and withers afterwards!

Become accountable!

Again, prepare!

3. Mindset Trigger

One of the things that has helped me overcome tough challenges at various times in my life, is my mindset. I approach things from the victory point of view. I am very optimistic about positive outcomes and results, always.

“I just believe my case is different and anything I want is what I will get. I never allow space for a negative thought to come in, and when I face rejection, I just move on like nothing even happened!”

I am unapologetic!

You need to adopt this kind of mindset everyday of your life. I tell myself, the lines are fallen in pleasant places for me. I can do all things. I will thrive against all odds!

That’s my belief, what’s yours?

I imagine the early days of the orange tree sprouting in my family compound.

I just imagine the resilience it had to exert, having to fight its way through the pile of debris — broken blocks, pieces of woods, nails and abandoned roofing sheets, and all sorts of rough materials.

I really feel for the poor tree!

No one took note of it’s struggle, but somehow, it just kept keeping on!

“The day I discovered that value can be harnessed in places we least pay attention to, people we most times underrate, and in situations we despise … everything changed!”

Today, the shade that the orange tree provides and its fruits both in rainy and dry season, serves as comfort and refreshment for my family.

The most incredible thing I observed is that, we never thought we needed an orange tree … but today, the impact of this orange tree is a testimony we proudly share and benefit from, directly!

“Hey, have you imagined how much you could impact your family, community and world, if you really became who you where created to become?”

Think about it…

4. Mentorship Trigger

For every step you hope to take, whatever it is you want to do, there is someone who has already done it, successfully. You'll make your journey easier if you can discover such a person and leverage the products of such relationship.

Is it about starting your own business, vying for leadership position, recording and marketing your music album, writing and publishing your book, or is it about starting your nonprofit organization?

“There is someone in that industry you can connect with, learn from, share ideas with, and seek recommendations from. You don’t need to look far away”

In your family, there's a successful business man/woman, a successful politician, a successful teacher, a successful entrepreneur, etc.

Amongst your friends; there’s a someone you can get good counsel from; ask them questions about how they pulled through, build a relationship with them, humble yourself to grow your skills and knowledge.


In order to effectively access and engage a potential mentor, there are however, proven ways to go about it.

“For instance, identify the area you want to grow, carry out background research on the industry, search for the contacts of top players, find out their values and vision for life, draw up a plan, decide on what you give as well as ways the relationship will help you grow (win-win) and make the first move”

Keep it short and simple.

Be professional and always appreciate their efforts, no mater how small you feel they contribute to you.

They don’t need you, but you need them.

Also note, your age difference doesn’t count at this point.


5. Relationship Trigger

Association is an important factor that determines the extent a person will go in life.

You're an average of the people you spend the most time with.

And, it has been proven that your network is your net worth!

Ever wondered why Mr Bill Gates' best friend is a fellow billionaire, Mr Warren Buffet?

Simply because, the information that flows in your circle will shape what you do and the results you achieve.

In fact, a baby eagle that is always found among chicks, will never discover that its genetic makeup and body structure is designed for the skies, and heights far above the mountain tops.

Now, look around you;

Who are those you relate with on a steady basis?

What do you discuss with them?

What opportunities do you share amongst yourselves?

What goals have they set for themselves?

Are they living up to the expectations?

What language do you all communicate with?

“Never forget, energy is very contagious!”

If you lack ideas, its because you are in the wrong environment and you hang out with people who are not creative. If you are always broke, its because your closest friends are always broke! Think about it.

Truly, building quality relationship is a tedious process. But, if neglected, the whole process of growth will be grounded.

Friends rise together because they stay accountable to each other. Your support system is what will keep you going when all hell breaks lose. Look into it with urgency! It all starts with a decision.

Arise and shine!!!

6. Time Trigger

There's a popular adage which says, "nobody can become a father in one month, by getting nine women pregnant. No matter how one tries, gestation period for humans is nine (9) months".

I think there's so much sense in that statement, because, no matter how much we often try to rush things in life, some things just take time! Growth is a process, and the time factor can not be ignored.

“Patience (referred to as 'ndidi' in native Igbo dialect) is a very important virtue”

The growth process can be very frustrating, tasking and tough, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

The old Chinese baobao tree takes an average of five years to sprout from the ground, and once it sprouts, it grows to a length of about 9ft in five (5) weeks. It didn't take just five weeks to grow, it took five years!

Phenomenal right? I guess so.

The golden rule which applies here is simply; Trust the process”

The secret lies in twitching from time to time, changing what’s not working, reviewing frequently, seeking knowledge and understanding, watching and praying!

Just trust the process.

“Everything grand that was ever achieved in this world was never by mistake! It took careful planning, critical thinking and focused action, done daily, weekly, monthly until its full manifestation”

Put in the actual work, and time will transform everything!

The orange tree that grew in my family compound didn't just manifest out of the blue. It took quite sometime to sprout and grow, under the harshest of conditions!

Keep the faith…

7. Service Trigger

To everything born into this world, there's a purpose for it's manifestation. Every human, every plant, every creation, everything!

It is of great essence for man to first, discover that which only him can contribute to this world, and then spend the rest of his life, rendering that special trait in the best ways he can, everyday and to everyone he comes in contact with.

“Service is key”

The orange tree that grew in my family compound is a good example.

“Despite having to thrive in the harshest environment from an early stage, its fruits do not have any sour taste that could be traced to the conditions of its creation and manifestation”

By that I mean, if you are served its fruits, you'll not notice a sour taste that will cause you to think; "oh, this tree produced a sour fruit, probably because it wasn't given proper nurturing!"

Instead, its fruits are so nutritious, succulent and it produces so many fruits both in dry and rainy season! We often reserve large quantities for neighbors and visitors. The orange tree is also a home to many birds and living organisms.

Now you see why I am so inspired by this orange tree?

It is indeed, very special to me!

“When you understand that the burden of growth you experience today, is only preparing you for a greater tomorrow, the pains of today will become your fuel!”

So, go and succeed!

8. Management Trigger

Actually, everyone is born a manager. It’s just your duty to discover the specific area you’re called to manifest.

For instance, I know many of you reading this, have that one friend who is very savvy with financial resources.

He's always very accurate with his data and consistent with his weekly savings and investments. Sometimes, you might think that it is his calling in life.

Yesss, it is!!!

And, it should be yours, too (giggles)

“Always remember that, though growth is a painful process, it could be very rewarding! If you’ll ever achieve something magnificent, you’ll need to pay attention to how you handle two things; your time and your money (Your T:M). Delayed gratification will always yield greater returns”

A wise friend once told me to spend wisely, especially when dealing with resources that are not easily replaceable. Truly, that’s one of the best advice I have received. You could learn from that too.

Note, resources are scarce, so apply them judiciously.

Spend time doing things that will improve you, don’t waste it on frivolities — Spend your money on things that have real value (assets); things with a potential to reproduce and grow with time.

Thank me when this my one kobo advice begins to yield great results, and remember;

“One thought, one step, one day at a time … makes all the difference”


I want to assure you that you’re on track, and on time in fulfilling your glorious destiny.

“It doesn’t matter if people don’t see your worth now, it matters that you just keep doing the things that move you forward”

There are really no shortcuts, only principles and action can get you to where you desire to be.

Just stay committed to your growth and personal mastery.

Give it time…

(toasts): To your success!

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