Africa Day 2021 by Port-Harcourt Global Shapers

Through strategic thinking, and the will to positively impact people and businesses, many great countries have set in motion what has in turn, catalyzed their massive economic growth and unlocked diverse channels for wealth-creation.

Dubai is a perfect example of a nation that is built on core leadership principles, driven…

Kristalina Georgieva — IMF Managing Director (

Key Highlights from 2021 IMF Townhall With Civil Society Leaders, Strategic Initiatives of International Monetary Fund to watch out for, and the IMF Managing Director’s Inspiring Message to Young People around the World

“I have no doubts for young people like Chukwuemeka Orukwowu; for you, that can be your future…

A Commitment To Excellence.

The moment I made up my mind to write this post, I felt something in my belly - the uncomfortable feeling that comes when you decide to undertake a task.

Call it fear or whatever.

But it is the universe telling you that, this will not…


In today's DIGITAL WORLD, its easy to get distracted from one's main goal.

But, whether or not you engage these distractions, time is your most valuable currency which you must invest in the most profitable and productive activities.

These few lessons will guide you:

a. Learn to PICK YOUR…

Leadership Is Not For The Fainthearted.

It is exactly 12noon Nigerian time as I pen this timely piece. I am inspired to write my thoughts on what I believe would spark a new renaissance - even if it doesn’t, there’s no harm in sharing a word or two, to cushion…


On the 20th day of August 2019, I packed my bags and headed to the bus park to board the first bus enroute Ebonyi state from Portharcourt, Rivers State.

My specific destination was the Old MacGregor College, Afikpo where the NYSC orientation exercise was scheduled…

The Youth Revolution: We Can, We Will, We Must.

On 1st October 2020, we celebrated the sixtieth year of independence in my motherland, Nigeria.

Of course, this was a good time to reminiscence the old years we fought for our redemption from colonial rule.

But, 60years down the line, we…

FAITH IS IN THE DOING; The Keys to abundance in life

Dear friend, I trust you’re in good and perfect health. Here’s a word for you today. Read on.

Have you come across this quote, "the way up is down"? If yes or no, doesn't matter because I bring you…

Here’s what you need to do differently — 8 powerful steps for growth and personal mastery

Hello friend, I trust you’re doing really great today?

Trust me, I know this got to you at the very perfect time, and I believe its not a coincidence … it’s just the very…

Chukwuemeka Orukwowu

I write to extend love and inspire positive action. Kindly, turn on your notification. BIO:

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